Thursday, 7 June 2007

What's been happening

Well, I tried to write some thoughts on Sunday after I came back from camping and was just about to go back to work, but unfortunately I made a complete mess of it and I've been just too busy to do anything about it ever since.

Brief summary of past week. Eric, Shona and myself went camping in Derbyshire (Lathkilldale - ominous name but truly beautiful). We had a great time and Shona really took to the outdoors as we expected she would. I managed to start another sock but we were just so busy that knitting did not progress as I had hoped. On return home I did some knitting of Tulip again and have made a little progress on the left side as you can see from the photo. Problem is, this cardigan takes real effort when following the pattern so I need to do this knitting at the weekend when I have time and patience to do it.

The sock I started is my tried and trusted freebie pattern for Opal yarn but it's in Colinette Jitterbug in Mardi Gras. I love it, especially the red spiral which is very obvious from the photographs. Such a lovely yarn, such incredible colours. Well worth the money but I suspect I will need another ball if I am to get a pair of socks from them because I have already used a lot of the wool. The joy of using Jitterbug is that it is slightly thicker than four ply, so you use larger needles and fewer stitches; a sock takes less time that way and I should be wearing them by next week. I know it's summer, I know these are 100% merino wool but you can never have enough socks and they will be nice to wear on my next camping expedition in two weekends time.

Yesterday I received a lovely message from Caroline who has bought some beautiful posh sock yarn in a sale. She is selling it to me at a very reduced rate and is even putting it in the post so I will not have to wait until the next Sheffield Forum Knitting Meeting in three weeks. How kind is she? She has two skeins in different colours and a fellow sock sister is having a skein also, though it's down to the flip of a coin which we end up with. I love both although they are very different so I'm looking forward to the yarn surprise soon.

Tomorrow is Knit Club at Lucy's and I cannot wait because it's always good fun and knitting with others is fantastic because you don't feel like you are the only person on the planet with a yarn habit and obsession and who thinks that knitting is a normal part of life and needs discussing.

After many failed attempts I cannot post the photos I want to today, so I will have to try again later, probably when Eric returns from his night class, but at least I have caught up with myself and have got back into the swing of blogging.

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Caroline M said...

The yarn was in the Hipknits sale, I bought the last three skeins so there's none left. There was no photo of the colours but I thought at that price it was worth the risk. My skein is red beyond belief, screaming red, but it doesn't really matter because I can overdye it.