Thursday, 28 June 2007

Brioche is breeding!

Yesterday was another Sheffield Forum Knitting Meeting and I had a great time. The hassle of the floods, having no car and then no electricity meant I was desperate to get out and do some knitting with others. There was quite a bunch last night. There weren't as many socks last night, instead it was Brioche in the limelight.

My Brioche is now at this length:

My Brioche was glad to meet up with Jill's Brioche cousin and Esther's Brioche cousin.

This is Jill's Brioche. Unfortunately I have managed to delete accidentally Esther's young Brioche, but believe me it's gorgeous.

Jill kindly gave me a lift last night and I saw her beautiful Camomile throw and it would then only be a matter of time (a couple of hours in reality) before I would be purchasing the yarn for this. Here is that beautiful yarn:

Left is Colinette Mohair in Sunrise.
Right is Colinette Giotto in Gaugin.

Neither my photos or the internet photos show the true loveliness of these yarns and colours. There is more lilac in both yarns than you can tell here. I have had a long love affair with lilac and this throw is for the bedroom.

I'm now going to do a bit of knitting. Last night we were without electricity, so I was knitting by candlelight and winding up a clockwork radio for contact with the world. My car is now fixed and I will be picking it up tomorrow, so I feel I will be back in the civilised world soon. With the floods, the Sheffield Forum has been inundated with threads and posts and the Knitting section has been taken off to create space, so I'm feeling a little lost without that also.


Caroline M said...

We have got the clockwork radio too although we were in the dark only for a few hours. Doesn't everyone in the photo look as if they are having a good time? (which we were)

(I can use the electricity to post this because I'm outside the area where you have to share it)

daintyknittingsticks said...

The brioch is looking amazing! I feel the need to catch up now!