Thursday, 21 June 2007

Faith restored

Today is the longest day and it really has felt like the longest day. I awoke at 5.25am and couldn't sleep for my terrible hayfever. The cat started mioawing continuously, so I got up, got ready for work and gave him some attention. Work was demanding and I had an after-school meeting with parents regarding the imminent exchange. I didn't end up getting home until 9.30pm.

I've had an incredibly busy week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had Spanish classes in preparation for tomorrow's three exams. I feel fatigued and am not looking forward to camping this weekend as, once again, the weather forecast is not favourable. As a result of all this activity, very little knitting has taken place. I keep reminding myself that once the exam is out of the way, I will be a lady of leisure and have lots of available knitting time. But, Monday I'm at a languages talk, Tueday I have a languages committee meeting, Wednesday I have the monthly knitting meeting (hurrah - can't wait), Thursday I have a work's social, and I'm sure something else is happening on Friday, but goodness knows what that is.

When I last blogged (is it just me or does that word sound revolting?) I was down in the dumps about Brioche and was questioning whether my sanity would remain in tact with this project. Let me reassure you all - I have made some good progress and love what I have so far. My friend Darren described it as "Aztec", and I saw this as a great compliment. The blue in Autumn Leaf is not remotely conspicuous and I think the yarns and colours work well together. I've not followed the pattern slavishly; I've done four rows of each yarn and will do this throughout. The pattern suggests in the middle changing yarn every two rows, but I think that's too often and would mean far too much weaving in. I don't like the finishing part of knitting, so the less weaving in, the better. From the comments I know Jill is starting hers for the next meeting, which sounds exciting also. Mohair has not beaten me in the end and my faith has been restored in my knitting.
Rachael's sock has made a little progress and looks likes all the other socks I have made in terms of pattern. Mind you, I still think it's worth a look:

This week has been a great week for the house plants. The orchid started to flower again today. Ezzie has been feeding it with special orchid feed for a good number of months and I felt sure that we would never see life again, but on this occasion he was right and I was wrong and it is stunning. I'll get a photo later. The cactus that used to belong to Darren's uncle has flowered this week and it clearly loves its new home. I am told that it is over thirty years old, so we are very privileged to have been given the role of protecting it for its next thirty years. The flowers are beautiful, and it's such a shame they only flower for a day or so. I know cacti have their critics, but they still remain my favourite plants. The flowers may come seldomly and perish quickly, but they are worth the wait.


Caroline M said...

The throw look good, you're right in that the scary blue looks right with the others.

I used to have cacti - I wonder what my mother did with them when I went to university?

McKnitty said...

With any luck your cacti will be flowering too! I have well over one hundred cacti. It's one of the few obsessions Ezzie and I share. I will be bringing the throw on Wednesday, so you will be able to see the lovely colours for yourself.