Sunday, 17 June 2007

Making mountains out of mohair

Why didn't any body warn me? Mohair is impossible to knit with. It has taken me the best part of an hour and half to do two rows. Part of the difficulty was counting the stitches when I cast them on. I have started, ripped, started again, ripped again countless times because if you go wrong, it is impossible to remedy the situation. I hate Mohair and am seriously worried about the future success of the throw. Lucy, whose original Brioche throw inspired me, promised me the pattern was easy. I'm feeling very mistrustful of other knitters now. I seriously hope that this is not going to be another unfinished project. Last night I was blogging about how I should stick to what I like knitting. I felt sure that a throw would join that limited list. Now I'm wondering if I am destined only to knit socks.


Caroline M said...

There are tricks for casting on a large number of stitches and tricks for keeping track of a lace pattern (markers every pattern repeat). The only trick I know for naughty mohair is to freeze it before you frog it.

McKnitty said...

Mohair is naughty! If using a freezer will tame the beast, I'll give it a go!

jillmemmott said...

Now - do get a grip. I have decided to start my own brioche throw so we can compare notes! E has collected her's today and L has completed her's. We cannot be beaten!! Bring it next week. I have a Debbie Bliss rabbit and jumper to complete plus a Noni cherry blossom bag to construct (post felting) but will definitely make a start on the throw for the meet!