Friday, 8 June 2007

I predict a great knitting day

Look at what has arrived in the post today! Posh sock yarn sent kindly by Caroline. I didn't know which colours I would be receiving so I was very excited opening the parcel. I love these tranquil blues and the yarn is so soft! It's Schaefer Yarn and it having a German name makes me love it even more! I cannot wait to get my dpns into it and make some cracking socks for my good dear self. It is 60% merino wool, 25 mohair and 15% nylon and you can feel the luxuriousness.

I finished the first Mardi Gras Jitterbug sock last night. It only took 35 rounds on the foot because it is slightly thicker than 4 ply and I use 3mm dpns, not my usual 2.5mm. It's a great sock. I weighed it and it weighs less than 50g and I have more than 50g left, so I won't need to buy another ball after all, and as a result these will not be the most expensive socks in the world.

I thought I would also show you a picture of the gorgeous Granby who has been following me around since I've come home this evening. It took me a long time to get him away from the yarn and sock as he seemed to want to steal the limelight.

I think he's trying to make the most of his time with me this evening because at seven I am going to Lucy's for this month's Knit Club where this new yarn and new sock will make their debuts. Poor Tulip has been before and has made little progress since then, though I'm going to dedicate time to Tulip tomorrow as it's Saturday and I have no cares in the world on a Saturday!

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