Friday, 1 June 2007

I love knitting with other knitters.

It's the middle of the night, I can't sleep, so this feels like an ideal opportunity to blog. On Wednesday I went to the Wool Baa for the Sheffield Forum's knitting group and had a great time. The group meets once a month on a Wednesday and I thoroughly look forward to going. I like being nosey and seeing what other knitters are up to. I am amazed by what other people are making, and also quite humbled.

Knitbird is making a stunning throw for her sister's birthday from a mixture of Colinette yarns. The pattern is Brioche from Toast and Marmalade (I think) and she has chosen her colours well. It's different yarns and different shades of red with hints of yellow and green and it is amazing. I think I will end up making one, even though it's a massive project and knit on circulars. I've been looking on the Colinette website today and I'm really drawn to some of the bright colours they have.

Wool4Brains kindly showed me a different way of knitting a heel on a sock, so I was also being educated during my evening out. LittleBlue started a sock, despite being defiantly anti-socks and Albethere and I talked again about our mutual sock appreciation. It was good fun and I even mentioned my blog and the address.

Whilst there I managed to finish a pair of socks for my lovely six year old niece, Shona. I knitted them in Colinette Jitterbug colour Florentina and she was really pleased with them when I arrived home afterwards. She loved them so much, that she wore them in bed and today at Playscheme. She said she couldn't take them off because they were just too warm. She's not daft, isn't Shona; compliments like these will mean a lifetime of socks for her.

Today I've not done much knitting, a few rows on Tulip by Rowan which I am determined to wear during June. As it's now June, I have only until the end of the month in 29 days, so I will have to resist starting more socks and get cracking with the cardigan.

Tonight we had the pleasure of Di at tea. It was nice to see her as it seems we've not seen one another for a while. She's going to Australia at the end of July so we need to make the most of her while she is here. The picture below is of Di and Shona and the socks. What a lovely photo!

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