Friday, 30 November 2007

The Unthinkable

I am not at work today - we all have a day off. I am just so happy. I got up at nine o'clock and thought "I'm not teaching Year 11" which is what I would normally be doing at nine o'clock on a Friday morning. I have been living for today for a few weeks now and I had intended to finish the Jaywalkers I am making for Ezzie's mum. For some reason, which I can't quite understand, I forgot my knitting at work yesterday and I am fuming at myself. I'm cross because those socks are almost finished, I am cross because I have no dpns in the house (the twenty or so I have are all in the bag at school) and I am missing my clicker which tells me how many rounds I have done. I cannot understand how I forgot my knitting. It's unthinkable and unfathomable. I know this gives me a great opportunity to finish Ezzie's pressies on big needles, but I don't want to. I was listening to Jeremy Vine today, but alas he's on holiday so it's not Jeremy presenting it and they were talking about long-distance relationships. I feel that I'm in one until I see my stuff on Monday. I can't wait until we're reunited.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kaffe Fassett

I know that there are devoted aficionados of Kaffe in the knitting world and as I've only been part of that world for three years I haven't any experience of knitting his complicated and daring colour patterns. To be honest, I don't even know how you say his name. I say 'Café', the rest of you can say what you want. I know people who really don't like his stuff, but I'm strangely intrigued by his work. I don't want to wear any of his daring items, but I would love to put some of the colours together which he does.

With this in mind, I am so pleased to be knitting socks with wool which he designed. I bought the yarn from the Wool Baa at the weekend and cast on Sunday evening. I think the colourway is called 'Landscape Fire' and I just love it. It's not the softest yarn, it's not expensive, but the colours are amazing and I love the use of reds and browns with a dart of blue and green. These socks are for Ezzie's mum and I hope that she loves them the way I do. I've been on Ravelry a lot recently and I was keen to knit a different sock pattern. There are loads of pictures of Jaywalkers on there so I felt inspired to have another go and I cast on substantially more stitches than my previous failed attempt. Stripy yarn works so well with that pattern so I am just loving knitting with these stripes, colours and pattern because I think they work well together. I am definitely going to buy some more of this Kaffe yarn and combine it with Jaywalker and on that occasion the socks will be staying with me.

I'm working on another pair of socks this week. These little socks are for my nephew who was born on Saturday. My sister is going to call him Rohan or Rowan. She hasn't quite decided yet. I think she should opt for Rowan as it's a good knitting name, but I keep reminding myself that choosing a name shouldn't be affected by a wool company.

I mentioned Ravelry a little earlier. I think it is amazing and it is incredible the amount of stuff that is happening in the knitting world. I read recently that women in their late twenties upwards use the internet most these days and it is not geeky boys playing computer games as you might imagine. Having been on this site, I know why women are dominating the internet, it's because they are investigating and posting on Ravelry. It's a monopoly. I really want to start using it effectively and catalogue the stash and stuff, but realistically that won't happen for a while because I have work and Christmas to consider. The Christmas holidays would be a nice time and I will hopefully have new knitting yarn to show off.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Anton du Beke

I know this isn't really knitting related, in fact it's not knitting related at all. But I want to share it with you anyway. I love Anton. He should be the next Bond. I want to dance with Anton. Next year Anton better get a decent partner. It's about time he won that Strictly show! I was trying to get a photo of him on here but it's not happening. According to Wikipedia he is single and I've told Ezzie that I've chosen Anton and he's okay as long as he keeps Granby.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Knitting Update

When I started my blog I wanted to post at least once a week. Sometimes you manage more, but for me once a week is a good and reasonable target. As you know, that hasn't happened recently, so I was determined to get back into my stride again and it is only six days since I put my thoughts out there in Cyberspace, so I'm doing well now.

The good thing about not blogging often is that when you do post, it seems you have been very busy and productive. I may not have been dedicated to my knitting blog, but my knitting has ticked along nicely and surely that's more important than the blog.

As promised, a photograph of my Secret Pal yarn. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to knit myself some gorgeous socks in the new year with it. The colours are rich and the yarn soft. My Secret Pal really does have taste.

I've finished Ezzie's Saddo Socks and I think they look great. He hasn't tried them on because he doesn't want to spoil the moment he opens them on Christmas Day. Isn't that sweet? That, or he doesn't actually like them. I'm knitting him a couple of other Christmas presents but I won't mention them here because he does occasionally look at the blog and it would be nice to have some surprises at Christmas.

I'm working on a pair of socks for my Auntie at the moment. The yarn is by Spinning Bunny and it's called Treasure Trove. Such an evocative name! It's 50% Merino and 50% Tencel and the feel is fantastic. I would definitely knit with Tencel again. It's soft and shiny and lovely to knit with. She saw the start of them last week at the Stereophonics and liked them immensely. I've knitted them in the ubiquitous Monkey pattern. It's a classic and I love it.

Now for something a little different, just to make this blog different to any other knitting blog. A picture of the Hermit Crabs. My mum thought one of them (Eddie Large AKA Paul Calfe) had croaked it, but she managed to resuscitate him with some water. They're doing well and have grown lots.
I was going to post photos of my recent purchases but I have to go to the doctor's now. I'm in pain when I eat and that's just not right, is it? As important as the blog is, my health is more so especially when it comes to food. I love my food and I just can't be having this pain business.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Bad Blogger

I've not been into blogging recently. This has been due to fatigue at work, the lack of a working computer and a feeling that I am just out of it at the moment. I have been really busy and the relaxing Half Term I expected just didn't happen. I went to school three days and to France for the day. Shona came for the weekend, we dyed more wool and I feel like I haven't stopped recently.

Last night I saw the Stereophonics with my Auntie and cousin. We had a great time and they were very good. The Kaiserchiefs are coming to town soon so I think I might get tickets to see them as well. It had been a long time since I had been to a concert and I really enjoyed it. I felt like a youthful teenager again. Inevitably, we ended up near some drunken idiots but the music was fantastic and I have a new respect for the 'Phonics. They are very good live. I managed to do a bit of knitting waiting for the band but then the lights went very dark and I couldn't see a thing.

I've been back home today. Shona was on stage at the church bazaar and dressed as a fairy. It was fantastic to see people I've not seen for years. Shona was busy buying her Christmas presents at the stalls and I came back home with a chocolate cake for Ezzie baked by my uncle. I'm sure if I'd asked he would have baked me a cake but the money went to a good cause. I also bought some nice costume jewellery, which I always like. Sienna bought a knitted doll. I really admire that kid's taste. She isn't even three yet but she has an eye for knitting.

This week I received my Secret Pal parcel and I am mightily impressed. My Pal sent me some gorgeous pink and purple sock yarn. She has good taste! I'll post photos in my next blog which should be soon.