Monday, 25 June 2007

It never rains, but it pours!

What a nuisance day!

I set off to work, had troubles with the car because of the handbrake, the kids were excitable because of the rain and floods. The kids had to be sent home because there were floods in school and it was dangerous for them to be in school. We staff were then sent home. I was nervous driving home because of the rising water and my dodgy handbrake, but decided it would be best to take it to the garage. They mechanic had a look at it and said it would take about an hour and half to fix it. This sounded promising, so I waited and did a bit of knitting.

After an hour the mechanic had to switch off the power and close the garage because the water had started to flood inside and was dangerous with the machinery and equipment. I then had to leave my car and wade through water up to my ankles to leave the garage forecourt. I was really lucky (or so I thought) because I managed to get into a taxi, who brought me home. Trouble was, I had forgotten that I had left my house keys with my car keys at the garage. I was absolutely soaked and it would be at least another two hours before Ezzie would leave work. In the end, Ezzie had to leave work early and we ended up indoors safe and sound.

Just over a week ago we had a similar situation, but I think this is worse for us. I don't know whether school will be open again tomorrow, but I don't have my car and it's all really frustrating. Cath, a fellow teacher from school, is going to give me a lift in the morning, which is a relief. There have been some really sad stories on the news this evening; one man died when his foot got stuck in a drain and a thirteen year old lad has been swept away. At least my troubles are not on that scale.

I have managed to do a bit of knitting. Rachael's first sock is now completed:

I have made a little progress with Brioche: (That's Granby in the background, with his rather dashing collar)
I have made a few mistakes in the pattern, but it's very forgiving and it's easy to re-establish the chevron pattern. I'm liking it a lot more now and am deciding which cushions to make next from the book. I like Battenburg. I could do it in one of the tagliatelli shades I already have and then mix in a complimentary colour for the Isis yarn. I am loving the Toast and Marmalade book and I love the idea of a house full of knitted accessories.

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jillm said...

Glad you got home safely. Brioche is looking really good. I started mine on Saturday night and I have had to force myself to put it down and finish the Noni Cherry Blossom Bag.