Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy bithday Shona!

Yesterday was really hectic for me. I did not stop all day and when I eventually put down my knitting and got to sleep I was exhausted. I had a lovely deep sleep last night and was only woken this morning by Granby's constant demand for attention. I know it was nine o'clock, and that is a long lie in for me, but that cat really has to develop some consideration.

I went to town in the morning, practised knitting with Kidsilk Haze with Lucy (she is spot on when she say it's like knitting with air), went for my Spanish lesson, visited the other Lucy and felt some llama wool for bed socks I'm contemplating, came home and went to see my gang in West Yorkshire for Shona's birthday and enjoyed a nice (but noisy) meal at Pizza Hut.

There were eleven of us in total and we were all stuffed by the end of the meal. I think the kids enjoyed themselves, and it certainly was a change for everyone, although everyone was sick of Pizza Hut and food and pop when we left after two and a half hours.

For those of you wondering what the state of nursing is like in the NHS at the moment, don't worry, it will be another ten years or so before they let Shona loose on any patients.

We set off back home at about 9pm, and the journey usually takes an hour. I was driving and completely missed my turning on the motorway and ended up going in the wrong direction completely. We ended up in Huddersfield and I felt sure we were on the right road, but started to panic when we went up a really desolate road and the fog and rain and wind was made visibility poor. I should have figured I was on the wrong path when I passed a sign saying not to continue if the lights are flashing, but I carried on regardless and only stopped when I got to the summit of a hill with a crossroads to either Holmfirth or Manchester. It was at this point that Ezzie decided enough was enough, took over the driving and took us into Huddersfield and eventually found the road home. We were back home at 11.15pm, utterly exhausted and sick of being in the car. I 'phoned my Grandma when I got back and she thought we were late because we had stopped off for something to eat. Clearly she hadn't realised the amount of food we had consumed only a few hours earlier at the hut.

I have never been so scared driving. Whenever I looked into the rear view mirror, I couldn't see a thing. At first it was black because there were no lights or cars, but gradually it became grey and white as the fog got thicker.

Today I've not left the house. I have pottered around the house, done some work, done some knitting, done some household chores. I like Sundays like this from time to time. I've made good progress on the Regia Nation socks and the Jaywalker pattern has never looked better.

These socks were originally for me, but I've decided to give them away to my friend Rachael. She got a pair last year of socks last year and loves them. She has done a lot of things to help me, so it's only fair that she is treated. I think I might have to buy more of this yarn for me because the rainbow colours are just too divine. Lucy, who originally sold me the yarn, has since told me she just had to buy more. I think she was intending to reduce her stash this year, but faced with such gorgeous yarn, realised that parting was not too easy after all. This is so often the way with yarn.

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maramcp said...

Shona looks like she was having a fantastic day!

Your Jaywalkers are stunning.