Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Earth moving

The kids were full of the earthquake this morning. Lots of them said they'd been woken up in the night and there were tales of beds shaking and wardrobes rattling. I am a really light sleeper, so I don't how I managed to sleep through it, especially considering how neighbours were woken by it. My Grandma felt it and said it was frightening. My Mum, ever the optimist, thought the Nuclear War had started. She says that's because she is reading a book about this stuff, but don't be fooled, that's her assumption every time.

At our house, even Granby didn't notice it, but that's probably because he was asleep in the wardrobe last night. This is his latest hidey-hole and I'm pleased for him to sleep there because it's dark and he doesn't start mioawing as soon as it's light.

I've been knitting more socks again recently and I've also bought some more sock yarn from Lucy (Littleblue). It's the very gorgeous Regia Nation and I cannot wait to get started on it because I love the colours, the width of the stripes and know that Jaywalker is the best possible pattern for the yarn. At the moment all I do when I log in to Ravelry is look at other people's Jaywalkers in this yarn and I think they look fantastic. When I first started knitting I loved the idea of having something unique, and with some of my own dyed sock yarns and Ezzie's 'Pot Luck' socks, I have achieved that. But this time, I am definitely following the crowd. How can I not?

Lucy (Littleblue) and I met up for coffee and cake at the weekend and had a lovely chat about this and that. We started out at John Lewis and she helped me (along with the other Lucy [Knitbird]) to choose this gorgeous Kidsilk Haze for my new jumper project. Yes, you did read that correctly; I am going to knit something other than socks. And what's more, I'm going to finish the knitting and do the sewing up. Inspired by Lucy's (Knitbird) Twisted Jumper, (called Portia), I am assured by her it is easy knit and does not take too long to sew up. Both Lucys (Lucies?) have promised to help me with the sewing up. The colour I have is a gorgeous purple and the light wasn't great when I came home, so this is the actual colour. The name is Splendour, which is enticing in itself.

I really hope I can complete what I set out to because even I feel I shouldn't just be knitting socks. In fact, if I do and get to wear it at work as I intend, the earth really will have moved.


Caroline M said...

I remember you knitting a not-sock sometime last summer because I was laughing that you would need to pick up eighteen gazillion stitches along the fronts. Did you rip it?

jillm said...

You can still knit socks whilst knitting the top - just swap from one to the other. I have 4 or 5 things on the go at the moment!