Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Old dog, new tricks

So far at work this week it has been rubbish. Staff off sick, me running around like an idiot, kids carrying on. It's like this sometimes, but I am tired out. My knitting is my relaxation this week and I just love the calm I'm having with the needles and yarn in my hands. I'm going out knitting later and I'm really looking forward to it.

I've made some progress with the Jaywalker socks. They are intended for Rachael and I showed them to her on Monday. She loved them, so I want them finished by next Monday when I see her again. I think I've knit about forty pairs of socks now but on this pair I have done two things differently. Firstly, I have knit the cuff with a different rib. Lucy suggested K1 (through back of loop) and P1, and I think it looks more effective. As the Jaywalker pattern is leg hugging, the lack of support this has is not a problem. With a regular pair of socks this cuff would not be so good, but with these it's just right. I've also done a sturdy heel and I love the way this heel works out. On the picture it's inside out and it really does feel more sturdy and supported. As on the knit rows you slip every stitch, there's less knitting and you can finish it sooner. I like this and it might become my staple now.

Believe it or not, but I have actually made a start on Portia and I'm now liking working with the Kidsilk Haze. It knits up quickly because it is fine but on relatively large needles, and it is beautifully soft. This is one project I am determined to finish knitting and sew up.

The picture doesn't do the yarn any justice because it's come out rather dark. But, I love the colour.

At school we have a cleaner, Kath, who knits and she is retiring in May. I love Kath because she is so friendly and we talk knitting. She helped me with my first garment (which incidentally I did finish and sew up). She says she wants to see me wearing Portia before she leaves. She says she can't believe how into knitting I've got from being a complete beginner and having no experience. That is inspiration enough.

Things are a changing around here. I'm no longer just a sock knitter!

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