Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Early morning worry

So far these holidays I have been awake at stupid times in the morning and have yet to have that lie in that holidays are famed and designed for. As soon as things are on my mind, my sleep vanishes and I have to get up and do.

Yesterday I was up at 4am writing a CV. Today I am up wondering about the CV and covering letter I have since handed in. It's all out of my control now, but here I am wondering and worrying. I know when you go for another job, it should be something which is great if you get the job, and alright if you don't. I know this is the rational and sensible way to go about getting a job, but I have spent so long thinking about this job and drafting the covering letter that it's become a big thing in my life and I'm putting too much store on it all.

I'm also worrying about the hospital appointment I have today. To be honest, I don't understand what today's examination is all about, but it's another don't eat or drink anything test, which makes me think it can't be much fun.

The car is also going to the hospital (garage) today because it is not in a good way. I was so relieved when last Thursday came and the car managed to get me to and from work because each and every day last week I was never sure it would start up. The whole car situation is another worry and also linked to the possible new job because if I get the job I am definitely getting a better car. I could get a better car now but in my mind I can't justify it because I need a better job first. The irony is, of course, if I got the new job I really wouldn't need a car to get to work because it is so close to home.

I reckon tomorrow I'll be up at the crack of dawn again. But that will be more a Christmas Eve can't sleep excitement because tomorrow I'm learning to spin.


Caroline M said...

It sounds like the good day is coming just at the right time to take your mind off the bad days.

Anonymous said...

You've sent the job application off now. There is nothing more you can do about that. You have most probably done everything you needed to do and I bet you got someone else to check it over to? So, that's the best you can do isn't it. If you get an interview, you can start to get excited. If you don't, that job wasn't right for you, and start looking for another. The car. Now you don't need to worry about the job, you can go out and look at cars on your next free day. Do not try to justify getting a car by this that and the other. If you need, want and can afford a new car, then go and get a blumin new car and let that be the end of it. Hospital appointment. Always a worry, and nevery usually a nice place to go, I quite understand your worry there. Be brave, like Lady Gem. Just go. Get it over and done with. Get out. If you're not sure why you are there, ask the nicest person you see, they may take pitty and explain all. Usually they all look busy busy, but you may drop on some kind sole. Spinning. Does this mean you are going to turn on the spot like something out of the Exorcist? If not, and it is the other type, I'm sure you and your companion will have a lovely time. We look forward to pictures. I don't think I have typed something this long since I had to have a go at Lady Gem over something. Off I go.

maramcp said...

Will keep you in my thoughts and send happy vibes your way. I am sure you will be fine, and look forward to seeing you soon.

McKnitty said...

Thanks for the support everyone.

Hospital wasn't bad. Just weird and I just wanted to burp all the time and the doctor wasn't amused.

Wheezy, everything you say is right. I did get someone to check the application many times and have now promised him a pair of socks because he spent hours with it, but I hate the powerlessness I have now it's out of my hands and on a desk somewhere.

The car... I can afford a new car, but that's another area I need help with. I know nothing about them. The other day Ezzie had to show me where to put oil in and I refused to do it because it would get my hands dirty. I'm going to pick the thing up later from the garage so I'll give the verdict later.

Sorry for being irrational and melodramatic everyone.

Anonymous said...

You have "yarn hands" that's your trouble. Stop being a girly girl and get them mucky...... Sorted.

Anonymous said...

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