Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Busy, busy

You would think that during the holidays I would have plenty of time to myself and that I could blog everyday and have time on my hands. It has not been the case these holidays; I have not stopped, and the blogging was the first thing to suffer.

I'll try to go through things chronologically. I went for the hospital appointment. I did as I was instructed, but didn't receive any information on the results, so I'm guessing I'll have to have another hospital appointment to receive them. That evening I went to a knitting gathering and then Mara came and watched tv with us.

Thursday was the big spinning day, and that was fantastic! I learned a lot and Grandad enjoyed himself immensely. It was well worth paying for the private tuition and I made a lovely skein whilst I was there. (No photos today, batteries flat AGAIN!) We had a lovely dinner in a nearby Bistro and saw a pupil of mine who had bright pink tights on and she told me I was her inspiration, which I considered to be praise indeed. Since Thursday I have done some more spinning, but it's harder on your own.

Friday I went to work. Some pupils came in for revision sessions and I must say they were fantastic and it made me realise that I love my job for the kids and that whatever happens with the other job I can easily stay another year because the kids are so great.

Saturday was a very unusual day. Earlier in the week my mum had said she wanted a whippet. I looked everywhere and whippets are not cheap! I couldn't find any rescue whippets but plenty of retired greyhounds. We've had greyhounds before and we like them loads. I phoned one place and they had 75 dogs waiting to be rehomed. On hearing this, my mum said, "we've got to have one of them," so the decision was made. My mum and I went to get one. It took us ages to find the place because our navigational skills were shocking, but it was in a great location for the dogs because it was in lovely countryside.

We chose this dog who was called Fable, but who is now Roxie. She is gorgeous, a real softie and she is bonding with my mum, which is nice to see. I keep phoning to see how she is doing. So far, she hasn't had any accidents in the house and she likes lying down by the fire. All greyhounds are couch potatoes and she is the same. Roxie has a nice temperament and is friendly and placid.

Shona came back to stay with us for a few days. Sunday we went to the allotment and then chilled watching a dvd (The Bridge to Terabithia - I recommend it) and Shona did some craft stuff, which she just loves.

On Monday Shona and I went to walk some other retired greyhounds near here. These charities rely on volunteer dog walkers, so we volunteered and had a lovely morning with the dogs. I'm thinking of doing this at the weekends because it's really rewarding and good exercise. Later that evening Shona and Ezzie baked cakes. One cake was more successful than the other, but the funniest part was when Shona dropped a tub of flour everywhere. She'd just had her bath, but was covered in flour. It was like talc. I was laughing my head off.

Yesterday I took Shona back home and spent the day with my mum, grandma and Roxie. I had a nice day and then went to my reading group in the evening.

In the midst of all this I have done some knitting. More socks, and some progress on a baby cardigan. However, it's not as much as I had intended.


Steve Middleton said...

Thanks for your comments on my blogs - I'll return to your blog soon!

Steve Middleton said...

Hi - just read your comments on 'Vantage Point' and have to say you're absolutely right. Hope you have positive results from your hospital appointment (if that is an appropriate term).

Steve Middleton said...

Hi - thanks for your comments on my blog about films - I think I'll only see The Orphanage in daylight - a bit scary from the trailers! Looking at your blog, I admire your animal rehoming care. Walking (even a retired) greyhound would be quite exhausting I imagine (if greatly satisfying). I'm more of a cat person - and my heart just melts whenever I see a badly treated moggie in need of a home.....