Monday, 7 April 2008

Back to the old grindstone

First day back at work today. I've had a nice day actually. Usually I am ruing the end of the holidays, but today I felt cheerful all the way to work, enjoyed the day and left quite early so I can have a nice evening. I think the light mornings and evenings do make things better.

I have had a fantastic holiday. In terms of going places, I didn't do anything exotic. Loads of staff turned up today with lovely tans, but my holiday was lovely in other ways. It was great to have Shona here for a while. She enjoyed herself. I liked getting the greyhound for my mum and three times went walking the greyhounds as a volunteer walker. I learnt to spin, did some knitting and saw some friends (knitting friends and non-knitting friends), I saw a couple of films, cooked some nice dinners, went to the allotment a little, read a couple of books and generally had a great time.

Yesterday I went to Wentworth and bought more wool but in its pre-spun state. I bought some Corriedale, some Blue Faced Leicester and a combination of wool, alpaca and mohair. My spinning has definitely improved and I'm getting a liking for it. My aim is to spin sock yarn and I think this is achievable. I also bought a starter dyeing kit yesterday and dyed the Corriedale. Half is a beautiful bright raspberry colour, the other half is a calm purple colour. I did a good job; it's even and I like the colours and I'm excited about spinning some of it tonight. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check it was dry. It was! This was probably why the day got off to a great start.

I would like to post some photos of my things. But, guess what? It's not the batteries that are the problem; it's the camera itself. I charged the batteries again, but the camera wouldn't switch on. It may be a while until it's sorted, and my mobile doesn't have a camera phone, so I am scuppered. My descriptions will have to suffice and I'll carry all my recent projects with me to meets so people can see my progress.

When it comes to excuses, I'm as bad as the kids I teach.

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