Sunday, 27 April 2008

Work in progress

This weekend I was supposed to be going camping with the Duke of Edinburgh kids from school. I was going to pick Shona up from school on Friday and then we were going to camp on the Saturday, come home today and take Shona back about now. In the end, I just had to pull the plug on this because I just felt too tired and run down. Ezzie has been ill all week and even had to have a couple of days off work. This is unheard of for him and I felt I was going the same way.

I am so glad that I decided against going because this weekend I have had a nice relaxing time at home andhave time to recuperate and sleep. Camping is fun, but certainly not restful, do despite Shona's disappointment, I'm glad I looked after myself and my own interests for once.

This weekend I have been busy, but busy doing nice things, and relaxing things in between. I've walked the greyhounds, which is always lovely, though my favourite one now has a home and wasn't there. I've been to the allotment, Ezzie and I went out for a meal on Friday and had Esther and Kin around for a meal last night. Today I've been shopping at a local spinning shop and I'm now waiting to watch Darren Gough on a tv programme. (A pupil I teach called Daniel is on 'Darren Watch' and informs me of anything and everything Darren is going to be in. The kid should be his agent.)

I left work late on Friday and got everything ready for Monday so I wouldn't need to do anything during the weekend. This has meant I have cracked on with lots of projects and my many works in progress. Shona's second sock is coming on nicely, though I have some yarn still to spin and ply. At the end I'm hoping to have enough yarn to knit a similar pair for Sienna so the sisters can have identical socks. I need to do such cute things whilst they are still young.

I have knitted a little on the baby cardigan I am making for a friend. I absolute hate this cardigan. I never want to pick it up, I never want to knit the pattern. It has taken me a month to get this far and the baby is growing rapidly. I am going to finish it and work (almost) exclusively on it for this week because I want rid of the thing. The only lesson it has served to teach me is that I should only knit for myself and for people I want to give gifts to. I really don't want to knit for someone else's requirements so I am going to be more assertive about this in the future.

I have also treated myself to a Niddy Noddy today as well as some gorgeous red and orange merino for me to spin. I'm on a yarn diet at the moment, but that does not include fluff because I make it into yarn and don't buy it as yarn. I love the colours and there wasn't much of it, so it had to be.

Whilst I post, I'm actually dyeing some Blue Faced Leicester yellow because that's the next yarn I want to spin. It seems to be classic for hand spinners, so I'll see what all the fuss is about.

I am feeling much brighter today. The last fortnight I have been feeling down. I think some good rest has helped, but as I was taking photos of my stuff for today's post I realised that I am also a work in progress and so is my career and that a set back now does not mean a set back forever. The whole thing has focussed my thinking on where I want to go next, so at least it has focussed my mind in some ways.

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Caroline M said...

I went to my allotment today too, there may well be antelope in the undergrowth. If there are then they aren't eating enough grass and dandelions. BFL makes good socks but ITW (it's just wool) and you might find something that you like spinning and knitting better. I'm just a sucker for anything shiny.

I'm glad to hear that you're bouncing back now, it's not been a waste of effort if you've learned something from it.