Wednesday, 6 February 2008


This post is not going to have any knitting content. Don't feel obliged to read on, but there are some things I need to air and this is the best place for me.

Firstly, yesterday on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show there was some discussion about the election for the next London Mayor and there was an accusation about the British media taking too much interest in the US Primaries and Super Tuesday. Some guy was complaining, saying that the country should be more interested in the London mayoral elections. I heard this for two minutes in car as I travelled to primary school but it infuriated me.

Firstly, the primaries are more interesting because the candidates are more engaging and in the case of the democrats represent a new era. Which other Western country has a black guy and a woman as possible electable leaders? The London mayor crew...who are they? Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson? They don't exactly set the world on fire, do they?

Secondly, whoever is voted to be the president has a greater impact on the world than any cruddy London mayor. I never go to London. What they decide there has no bearing on the country as a whole, whereas what goes on the other side of the pond does impact this country. I know it pains a lot of people to acknowledge that, but it's true.

Thirdly, this is typical of introspective London folk who think that everyone has a paper boy delivering the Evening Standard to every home in the land. Congestion charge in London? So what! Olympics and that cruddy logo? So what! London low emission zone? So what!

I am now going to take even more interest in the US elections and none whatsoever in the mayor thing. In fact, if it even turns up on Newsnight (my favourite programme) and Jeremy Paxman's presenting it, I'm going to make a point of turning it straight off.

The next thing I turn my attention to is David Beckham. Have you seen his latest tattoo on his left arm? If you haven't had the pleasure look here. He is such a good-looking guy, he doesn't need all that ink. I think his kids will be embarrassed when they go to parents' evenings. Do tattoos become addictive? He's going to run out of space at this rate.

I know that with Ofsted you wouldn't think these would be the things occupying my mind. It's all over now. I marked all the books I had to, planned brilliant lessons, had the kids on top form and I never saw a single inspector. All that was for nothing! But at least the marking's done and I won't be doing that in the holidays.


daintyknittingsticks said...

well done with the marking! now you can get on with the knitting ;)

Anonymous said...

All for nothing? I don't think so. And, would you seriously be embrassed if Beckham was your Daddy?