Saturday, 19 January 2008

Wishful thinking

Today has been about wishful thinking and nothing else. I'm really into my economy drive at the moment and stuck to my budget dutifully last week. I had seven pence in my purse by the end of the week and was really pleased that I hadn't spent more than I had intended to. Today I went to town and did lots of window shopping and wishful thinking.

If I were not saving for Australia these are the things I would have bought today:

A red cardigan from Warehouse
Some underwear from Freya
A Yankee Candle in Clean Cotton (the biggest candle they have, I might add)

I went to town with a book gift voucher and went to buy this month's book for reading group. I couldn't find a copy so I went to the enquiries desk and then another member from the group appeared in the queue holding the last copy in the shop. I was quite disappointed about this because this shopping was permitted, because it was a voucher, but alas was not to be.

I did touch a couple of balls of wool today but, thankfully, didn't see this gorgeous yarn anywhere. I saw this yarn Regia Nation 5399 on a blog today and immediately fell in love with it and I really want to knit some Jaywalkers in it. Instead I have started a pair of socks for me in the posh sock yarn Caroline got me last year. It's about time I used this yarn and I really like it so far. Again, I can't find the camera so there is no photograph. The great thing about having lots of gorgeous sock yarn, which admittedly I do in my stash, is that when it's belt-tightening time you fall back in love with yarn you had forgotten.

Remember I was complaining about the spirals in the Maine Woods Yarn? I'm still not keen on that but I have to say that this is the softest sock yarn ever. The finished socks are a treat on the feet and despite the spirals I will make more.

I suppose my post seems quite down today, though secretly I'm pleased with my ability to resist temptation for beautiful things, but if all I have to complain about is spirals in socks, I guess life isn't really too bad.


jillm said...

Well done McK. You have been very frugal and prudent this week. We all need to do that from time to time. I am also cutting back for a couple of months. I actually like doing that. Items get finished and the stash pile goes down while I look at what else I can have next (either for me or the shop!) I will look out for the Regia yarn you mention - the colours are fab!

daintyknittingsticks said...

Would you be very unhappy with me if I said I'd found said sock yarn?

Well done with the budget - I wish I could get to grips with one!

daintyknittingsticks said...

Um...would you be happier if I said that I have some of this and would be willing to swap? (Isn't it odd what you find in your stash!)

McKnitty said...

I love this idea of a swap! I hope that you can make the next meeting. It seems having a big stash does come in handy; it's like having stocks and shares but there's more of a guarantee of the share price not plummeting!