Monday, 21 January 2008

Spiral contradictions

I have been thinking about spirals far too much recently. I think I made it clear a couple of posts ago that I don't like it when sock yarn spirals. The offending socks I was writing about earlier are here:

(I don't usually wear them with tights like this, but I wore these tights to work today and I couldn't be bothered taking them off for the photo.)

Why then, have I started a new sock pattern with deliberate spirals? And why am I loving it? The other day I saw that the lovely Lady Gem had started a gorgeous sock pattern and I just could not resist trying it myself with the posh sock yarn. And how happy am I that the sock yarn spirals, and now I have two spirals going in different directions on one sock?

All I can say is that when Lady Gem posted an innocuous picture of a sock she did not know what she had started! My spiral-phobia is over!


Anonymous said...

Hope toto is alright.......

Knot Another Knitter said...

I'm liking this Lady Gen business. You are welcome to steal any of my sock ideas as long as it continues :) I like how you have the striped going in opposite directions on the Anastasia socks though. The stripe of the yarn one way and the stripe of the pattern the other way. Will they be opposite on the second sock though?