Saturday, 5 January 2008

How neglectful of my blog I've been! Two weeks off work and only a Christmas Eve post. It's quite bad really, but as with all holidays I am full of plans and good intentions which rarely amount to much.

I got some lovely presents this Christmas, including a wooden needle case, a Vogue book about socks, which Ezzie did a good job in finding, as well as a calender with a knitting pattern a day. (I can't find the camera today and I was all geared up to take and post photos, but it's not to be, I'm sorry.) The calender has some great patterns including some socks which are called Leaves of Whimsy and I'm going to knit them for myself soon.

I did manage to get all the knitted socks completed. The final pair I knitted in four days, which is a new record, especially for men's socks. Everyone seemed pleased with their socks, but I won't be doing this again in the future. It was too much work and overly ambitious. Since then I have knitted myself a regular pair of socks in Lorna's Laces in Sweetie. They are really nice and it's great to knit for myself again.

At the moment I am knitting more socks and this time for a pupil at school. I can't remember whether I mentioned this in my last post, but I bought Shona's Christmas present second-hand from a kid at school. He set the price, but then reduced it if it included a pair of socks. In terms of the time I'm putting into it, he got a good deal, but I am using up some old left over yarn, so it's cost effective for me. I see it as quite a compliment that people desire my socks so much!

In the sales I bought some reduced Cashmere. It's still expensive, but definitely better than full price. I have a cashmere scarf I started last year and I needed more yarn, so it was good to get it half price.

Apart from that, however, I'm on an economy drive and will be using up whatever yarn I have hanging about. To be honest, I have plenty of yarn to knit with, but this year I have to be more sensible because the trip to Australia is going to cost a lot of money and my car's not doing too well at the moment so I might have to buy a new car this year. I do love buying yarn; I always think about all the potential and there are some amazing fibers and colours out there at the moment. I'll just have to look from afar.

Happy New Year!


Knot Another Knitter said...

That's so sweet that your pupil asked for a pair of socks! That's a major compliment!

Not being allowed to buy yarn sucks, but I just pretend that I haven't bought it, I've invested in it. It feels better that way :)

jillm said...

I can loan you some so you can have it in the house for a while. That way you will have extra yarn to drool over (not literally ;-))but it won't have cost anything. It oould work like a library!!!

maramcp said...

Happy New Year!
Great to see those fabulous socks in person. I am sure your pupil will really appreciate them. Lucky chap!