Monday, 1 September 2008

A farewell to the summer

It's September, so it's all change for me again. The summer is officially over and the reality of work has bitten me hard today. I'm not complaining as I've had a lot of time off, but getting back into the swing of it is always tricky.

Since I last posted I've been to the lovely weddding of my schoolfriend Catherine to Stuart. It was a lovely wedding and she looked stunning. I've been friends with Catherine for eighteen years and it was really moving to see her moving on to the next period in her life.

I don't normally post photos of myself and Ezzie, but here I am, all tarted up. I really love this picture of us. I loved getting dressed up for the wedding, so if anyone else has a wedding for me to attend, please let me know because I just don't have enough events to wear this dress to. My cousin is getting married in 2010. Surely I won't have to wait that long to parade around again!

After the wedding we went on our holidays to Mayrhofen, in Austria. We had a superb time. The weather was fantastic, the accommodation was nice and the food was great. Ezzie and I really needed a break and we just had so much fun. We climbed many mountains, talked lots of German and were feeling fitter by the end of the week.

This was the most difficult mountain we climbed. It's the Brandberger Kolm and took over five hours to reach the summit. The path was precarious at times but well worth the time and effort. We really do love Austria. It seems to bring out the best in us both.

On another walk we came across this little fellow who enjoyed being stroked and fed grass. I really love goats and I had a pet one for a while as a child. One day a small goat made its way into our garden and didn't leave for a few months. We tried to find its owners but had no success so we adopted it because we had a shed for it to live in and a large garden. Eventually someone heard we had it and collected it. It was all really random when I think back to it, but it seemed perfectly normal at the time. As a result I cannot pass them without making a fuss of them. I'm not into horoscopes at all; I think predicting your day to day life by stars is just ridiculous. But, at the same time, I am a capricorn and do identify with goats. They persevere at getting to the tops of mountains and will carry on regardless of knockbacks. I feel like that a bit at the moment.


maramcp said...

I hope you have a good term, this term.
The wedding photos are lovely.
So glad you had a good holiday, I was thinking of you.
Hope to see you soon.

Caroline M said...

Back to the grind again. It is a lovely outfit, you could knit yourself a nice lace stole to go with it for another outing.