Sunday, 7 September 2008

A busy weekend

The first week back at school seemed to go by so slowly, and in typical fashion the weekend has just flown by. My timetable has altered considerably this year with changes to PSHE & Citizenship, so I am no longer just teaching languages. This has meant getting to grips with change for both teachers and pupils, but with the first week behind me I'm now feeling as if I know what I am doing and tomorrow feels a lot less daunting.

I went to the opticians yesterday. Once again my eyes have deteriorated and I'm having to pay a fair bit for ultra thin lenses. I find choosing glasses difficult because my face is so small and narrow. I wanted some designer ones, but had no joy whatsoever. In the end I've opted for some small red ones from the kids section. The shame! I'm not sure they are great, but I'll get used to them. This is always the way with glasses. Ezzie was a star at helping me choose because I can get stroppy at the opticians.

Afterwards we decided to go out for a meal and then to the cinema. En route for something to eat I spied a guy who I'd seen on BBC Breakfast this week (and not just the Look North part, but the actual national section). He and some of his pals forage for food and he was suggesting ways in which people could do this in urban settings. I was interested in the feature because I have been known to forage for bilberries and other berries around Sheffield. Anyway, we ended up speaking to him and his group of people and we ended up going foraging with them. It was really cool. They were looking in new areas for food and about ten minutes in we had found a wonderful apple tree. The fruit was only small but a stunning red colour and the flavour was better than anything bought in a shop, and even more superior to anything ever found in a supermarket.

Eventually we had to say goodbye to make it in time for the film. The film we saw was 'Ben X' about a guy with Asperger's Syndrome. The film was reasonable but I felt it was spoilt from the off because the main character was supposed to be about 18 but looked about 25. We struggled a bit at the end. I always struggle to know what's going on in films but afterwards we pieced it together. It was too late to eat before the film so we went for a curry afterwards, which was nice.

Today I've got on with some work, spent a few hours at the allotment, made a nice Sunday roast, accompanied by six of our own vegetables. I am now about to watch some tv and do some knitting. I've been a bit out of sorts with my knitting recently but need to get back into it. I visited Lucy (Knitbird) yesterday and she was wearing the Rowan twisted jumper which has given me the impetus to get going with it again. There's no excuse really as it is simple and I've done so much of it. Photos later this week.

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maramcp said...

Glad your first week has been satisfactory, and that you have enjoyed your weekend. Hope the knitting mojo has returned.