Saturday, 7 June 2008

Technology crazy

I am feeling so pleased with myself and my new phone. I have been taking photographs on the camera and getting to grips with how to use everything. I actually think that the colour is so much truer on the camera phone than it is on the usual camera, which I've always thought made my photos seems quite dark. This is the sock I was blogging about earlier but with the new camera phone and the colours are much more accurate.

And I cannot believe I have got this photo from my mobile onto the computer using Bluetooth. I bought something called a Dongle, and hey presto, I've used Bluetooth.

The only thing now is that I wish I had bought a more expensive phone because I now want the 5 megapixel camera because I wouldn't need a separate camera then. The phone was really cheap in the end. The package was £79.oo which included £20 top up and I asked the lady to shave something off the price and she took £30 off, which I think was fantastic. You can take it back if you are not happy with it within 28 days and I'm actually thinking of doing that for a better camera. What do you think? Have I just become a tech freak or am I still a long way off?


maramcp said...

Getting quite geeky!

Anonymous said...

They are definitely two different socks and for what it's worth, I like the one you photographed second the best....... This reminds me of my latest yarn from Lady Gem. She went to all that trouble of dying it for me, and photographing it and making it look all pretty, then she goes and hands me a totally different colour yarn!! What's all that about??!! I tried telling her, but would she listen?........