Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Do I? Don't I?

A couple of posts ago I was wondering about changing my new mobile phone for one with a more mega pixel-ed camera. Well, I went back to the shop and the assistant told me I would be best off just buying a separate camera, so I went to a camera shop. I ummed and ahhed a bit but I did leave with a new camera. I am loving this new camera; it's easy to use, it's light and the colours seem good. By some people's standards it would be too basic, but so far it's perfect for me. I'm glad I have a phone with a camera for spontaneous moments, but it's nice to have a decent camera for photographic moments and blogging.

I have now completed the bulk of the knitting on Tulip and I've sewn up the shoulders.

The shoulder seams are probably the best I have ever done, but they still don't match up to other people's standards. I am wondering whether I should undo them or not. I really can be indecisive at times. I know knitters who would undo the seams immediately because it has to be right. I would love to be like that, but I just don't have the skill. I really want a decent garment this time, but I need some help, so if any of my knitting friends want to lend a hand and teach me, I would really appreciate it. I think I need to invest in a decent book about finishing things. I know there are some. Any recommendations?

In the meantime I don't want to start the trim because I have to cast on loads of stitches and then I am going to pick up stitches along the fronts and the neck and then I'll graft them together. I think it would be better to pick up the stitches and then do the trim so that if I can't pick up the number in the pattern, I can do my own and fudge the trim. (That might not make any sense, forgive me, my knitting thoughts can be jumbled at times.) I just must make sure that I get this finished shortly while I still have momentum. I would really like to be wearing it sometime next week.

Inevitably, faced with a standstill with Tulip, I have cast on a sock and am trying to complete this pair of stashbuster socks.
I can't decide whether these are for me or my mum. I think she's due another pair and she is always really appreciative of socks, but at the same time I love the colour combinations. I cannot express how much I love making socks from odds and sods and it is very satisfying when the colours match. These colours don't match, but do they look good together. I have some bits and pieces of my own handspun yarn left over from Shona's pink and purple camping socks. There isn't enough to make a full pair of socks, but combined with similar coloured sock yarn, I think they will look great together.


Caroline M said...

It does not matter whether the shoulders match up to other people's standards - it's whether they match up to YOURS. As I say at least 18 times a day, no-one is good at things right from the start, you need to practise to get good at something. It's just like grafting, it's not hard but there's a trick to it.

On the rare occasions that I knit something with shoulders, I join mine like this:

Or look on Knitty for how to convert the stair step cast off to short rows (then you can do a three needle bind off).

daintyknittingsticks said...

If you want help tomorrow at Cocoa then I'll help you.

But its your knitting not anyone else's so if you like it, its ok!

jillm said...

As Caroline said, a bit of short row shaping can make life easier. I tend to mattress stitch my shoulders these days. Happy to demonstrate that if you want to bring it down.

maramcp said...

I do the 3 needle thing or matress stitch depending on how it looks when I come to sew up.

Your stash-buster socks are lovely.