Saturday, 18 August 2007

Introducing McKnitty

This is me:

Don't you think I'm something? This isn't the greatest picture (you can see my pyjamas) but there was only me in this morning and Granby is no good with the camera. I would like to say thank you for Gail for knitting this for me. There can't be many people who own one of these bad boys:

The balaclava is really warm and when I was climbing mountains last week in the Austrian Alps I actually wished I'd had it with me because it was cold up there. The balaclava does strange things to people. When people try it on they suddenly go wild like a werewolf. I think I might take it for the kids to wear at school. It might have the opposite effect on them and calm them down. (Sorry kids, only joking!)

Onto more ordinary things. Ezzie and I had a great time in Austria. We spoke lots of German because we were the only Brits in the hotel. We managed to get our silver and gold mountain badges and we certainly deserve them. One day it took four hours just to descend the mountain and it rained heavily for two of those hours. I could hardly walk, could hardly speak and just had to get into the "zone" and focus on getting home. When we got to the bus stop we had just missed the last bus so we got a taxi. Even Ezzie said it was the best 15 Euros we had ever spent, though I don't think the taxi driver thought we were his best clients ever as his taxi was drenched when we left. The next day I could hardly walk. The weather was glorious, so Ezzie went walking on his own and I chilled out and knitted these:

These are not for me; they are my first Christmas presents and are for Ezzie's sister, Emma. I am modelling them. These are the Monkey socks in my yarn. I loved knitting them and will definitely do this pattern again. The photo isn't too great, but up close they look lovely and I am really pleased with them. On holiday my knitting received lots of attention. I am doing my best to educate the masses.
On Thursday I went to see my family and took my Mum's fiftieth birthday presents. I bought her four hermit crabs, a tank and all the gear to go with them. I know this would not be most people's ideal birthday present but, believe me, my Mum is smitten. Unfortunately I have no photographs but I will in time. They are great fun and received lots of visits from Shona and her cronies. One of them, Paul, has already left his original shell and my Mum was panicking yesterday. He cannot have got out. She thinks she has worked out where he is. There is some disturbed gravel and hermit crabs do burrow in preparation for molting and finding a new shell. I'll keep you all posted.
Last night was Knit Club. We met at Mary's. There were only four of us (Mary, Lucy, Barbara and myself) but we had a great time. I did some more knitting on a pair of socks for Ezzie. They are Opal Neon in shade 1931. Ezzie fears these will end up for someone else again, but they won't because I've cast on 68 stitches and that's just right for him and they are for his birthday in September.
Tomorrow I go to Madrid. I have yet to pack and am still unsure as to which knitting projects to take. It'll probably end up being socks. I'm not sure if I will be able to blog out there. If not, hasta luego. (Forgot to mention - I got my A level Spanish result on Thursday and I got an A. I'm very pleased!)


Diamond International said...

The most glamourous balaclava I've ever seen. Don't get any ideas about robbing banks, I think you might be recognised. Lots of love Di

jillm said...

The balaclava is actually more impressive in real life! It's not often I am stuck for words....
The Monkey socks are beautiful. I am tempted to make some myself. Well done on the A Level result.