Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Billy Flynn: "You're the top of my list"

Since Di has left for Australia she has left me with her Chicago DVD. I am not a great fan of musicals and there are some I could never watch all the way through. However, being a woman of extremes, when I do like a musical, I tend to love it. There can be no doubt about it, I love Chicago and I've watched it at least ten times.

Remember the Anne Schaefer posh sock yarn, which I started knitting the Jaywalker socks with? I feel like the lawyer Billy Flynn when it comes to that yarn. I'm engrossed, we're about to go to trial (start knitting) but suddenly another client pops up (another yarn) and the Anne Schaefer yarn goes on the back burner and stews in jail a little longer (the knitting bag). I was going to knit some toe up socks with that yarn, and I printed off the pattern and was ready to go. But then my own dyeing cropped up, and it was inevitable that I would be swung by that and start knitting something else.
I've wound one of my skeins into a ball and started knitting Monkey socks with it. I have called this yarn 'Rainbow Drops' because the colours remind me of those sweets I used to eat as a child; there's lots of yellow mixed with some other colours. So far I have enjoyed knitting this pattern. It's sufficiently intricate and very pretty and unlike the Jaywalkers, it is possible to get your foot into it and is not inelastic. The lass who designed them, Cookie A, is a genius. The other advantage is that the pattern makes sense. After a pattern repeat you know where you are going and they are not taking much longer than a usual sock.

Yesterday I finished the Popsicle socks. These are for my mum. As I had to use two skeins, they are not quite identical. The original sock has more red in it and I prefer it. However, this is the nature of hand-dyed yarn and being a hand-dyer myself now, it's a quirk that makes the yarn even more unique.
I'm sure I mentioned these were supposed to be for Ezzie, but unfortunately they didn't fit him so my mum claimed them. Ezzie is now staking his claim to the Monkey socks. Somehow I think they'll be too small for him. For my foot I need 42 rounds and I have a sneeking suspicion that's the exact number I'll knit on the foot.

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jillm said...

You're so right - the yarn does look like rainbw drops. I really like it! Isn't it funny how you will knit just the 42 rounds on the foot using the hand-dyed yarn socks? It's only when you have grafted the toes/turned the heel (can't remember if it is toe up or down!) that you will remember you meant to make them bigger......