Thursday, 24 May 2007

Rhett Butler all the way!

I ended up watching tv until 12.30 last night and felt tired all day at work. The reason I went to bed so late was a programme on BBC 2 regarding romantic fiction and the way in which women fall in love with the heroes. I could not resist watching this programme because I knew my hero Rhett Butler would be discussed.

The programme discussed the big four - Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester, Heathcliffe and Rhett and was really interesting. But what amazed me was the number of people who love Mr Darcy. He's alright and Pride and Prejudice is a good novel, but I would never fall in love with him. He is a bit of a drip in my opinion.

Rhett, on the other hand, is the man. He is strong and manly, he's dangerous and witty and he loves Scarlet passionately and he loves her many faults just as much. He's so knowing and wise and despite his dubious dealings and reputation he's generous and loyal to the people he loves. What's Darcy got going for him? Nothing compared to Rhett.

I'm going to Madrid in the summer on my own for a fortnight and last night I decided that I would be reading Gone With The Wind again. I was already looking forward to Madrid, but now I'm looking forward to it even more. It's a couple of years since I last read the book and it was nothing but a pleasure. Obviously I've seen the film many times, but the book beats everything.

Do Rhett and Scarlet get back together after the book ends? I never feel convinced that they get back together and I do wonder about it frequently. A friend of mine tells me they must get back together, but Rhett is so resolute at the end. Do discussions about this exist in the internet anywhere?

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