Monday, 21 May 2007

Freaked out by blogging

My latest curiosity is looking at other people's blogs by clicking on Next Blog. Does anyone else do this? It is truly bizarre what is out there! Some of it is interesting, some of it is dull, but all of it is inexplicable. Why are people (myself included) blogging? Who are they doing it for? I don't have an answer.

I'm now wondering whether people have read anything I've written. Admittedly, it's unlikely. Firstly, I've not been on here very long and I've only told one person (you know who you are) about my blog. Secondly, my blog looks really bland compared to many out there; people probably wouldn't stop to read anything.

Obviously, all blogs except mine include photos, and many have their own graphics, but I was amazed by ones with background music and all the interactive stuff. Many have icons showing the blogger's affiliations. At the moment mine just doesn't measure up. No doubt it will come with time and I will learn how to show my photos and I will get some lovely graphics and membership of groups. The music, however, will never be on this blog.

I'm sure anthropologists must have a field day with the concept of blogging. I must admit that I'm amazed by it all. I'm usually very private and love the fact that if you put my name into Google that I'm not to be found. I refuse to register with Friends-Reunited and all that jazz. I love my name not existing in cyberspace, so why am I expressing thoughts and wanting to document my life in this way?

It's as if I want to cheat the system. I want to tell you things about me, but not reveal who I am. No self-portraits here. When I do get my photos on here I will be noticeably absent. Names will have to be changed. I won't tell any lies, but I won't be entirely open.

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