Saturday, 21 February 2009

Half term review

It has been half term this week and I promised myself that I would not go into work this week. I'm pleased to report that I kept this promise. Instead I had a few days in Whitby with Ezzie and we had a great time. We stayed in an amazing Georgian B&B. Here I am knitting and watching tv there.

Unfortunately the owner told us that with the economic downturn, business has been really slow. This is such a shame because this house is stunning and the breakfast was lovely. (If anyone wants to go and stay somewhere nice in Whitby, I can pass on the details.)

We did a lot of walking and we were lucky that it didn't rain. After the snow the paths were incredibly muddy and that got on my nerves a lot of the time, but we still had a great time. I got to wear my finished houndstooth gloves, which I am still really pleased with and proud of.

During the time away I started a new sock. This is Nutkin and is my new pattern for February. The yarn is from the Knitting Godess - 4 ply superwash merino in Same Difference, colourway Raspberry. I like the yarn but I reduced the number of stitches to 60 and the socks are now really tight. These will be for my mum as she has really skinny ankles, feet and legs.

Last weekend I went home to visit my family. I'd made my cousin some Bradford City socks from King Cole, Merino blend superwash wool, Double Knit. Shade 32, dye lot 33603 is the claret and Shade 10, dye lot 34483 is the amber. My cousin loved them.

I loved knitting these socks. The yarn is gorgeous, it is just so soft on your fingers. As its double knit it also knits up quickly and on fewer stitches. I've bought a lot of this yarn because I have some uncles who also want Bradford City socks now.

So, that's half term almost over. In two mornings' time I'll be getting up for work. It doesn't appeal, but never mind. I've had a lovely half term.

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Caroline M said...

The kids don't realise that the teachers don't want to be there either. I've promised ice cream on Monday to ease the transition into Tuesday morning. I don't need ice cream, on Tuesday not only is school open but the dog is going to the groomers and I will be home alone.