Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow allows knitting

This week I only worked two full days; the snow interfered with work and we had two half days and one whole day off. You'd think this would make you feel energised but I just feel more tired than usual this week. I think the snow just caused hassle. My car was parked ages away because my road was impassable and my journeys to work were stressful because I had to concentrate so hard on what was going on. The kids were also livelier than usual. "Are we going home today?", " do you think we should go home?" They were unrelenting.

I'm glad they got some days off. All the kids told me they had never seen snow like it and it reminded me that when I was a kid we always got a couple of days off a year because of the snow. In fact, one of my happiest days ever was playing in the snow with my cousin and sister. We'd gone to school that morning and it was shut, came home and stayed out as long as we coiuld physically manage the cold. We have some fantastic photos from that day. I had a great sledge and we took it in turns to push and pull one another.

Because the sky was so light due to the snow I managed to knit with black for long periods. At night I had to stop because black is so difficult. I've never knitted with it before. I thought navy blue was bad, but this black is up another level. I'm really pleased with the first glove.

It is definitely no longer a sock. Fair Isle socks are just not going to happen but at least I've learnt that through the process. What I especially like is the fact that I've designed it. I've written the pattern down as I go along so I can make its twin identical. It feels very satisfying. I definitely need some gloves in this weather.


Caroline M said...

You know now why you see so many colourwork mittens, it makes a dense sturdy fabric that's ideal for stopping snow but no good for pulling around your heel.

They look stunning (but you knew that didn't you?)

maramcp said...

Wow! That glove is stunning! You are a super star.