Sunday, 5 October 2008

Putting off the inevitable

I've got to do some work today and I really cannot be bothered so I am doing all sorts of jobs to avoid doing what I need to. It's not a great idea because I'm not enjoying the things I'm doing for guilt of what I should be doing. I've promised myself this blog post and then I'll get on with my work. Let's hope that does happen.

I've finished a hat for Ezzie that I started last year. It was to be a Christmas present but I didn't get it finished, so it sat neglected in my knitting bag for a year until I looked at it on Friday night and thought "it would be nice to finish you." I took it to Esther's with me on Friday night and made good progress completing it. I worked on it a little yesterday and finished it this morning and then took it to the allotment for Ezzie to wear. He looks rather pleased with it. It's Rowan Baby Alpaca and is beautifully soft. I have a few balls left over as it was originally to be a scarf, so I think I might make some house socks for Ezzie with the remaining balls. I'm not sure they will be hardwearing, but they will certainly be warm.

Yesterday I went to visit my Grandma. She is out of hospital and now in a care home, which is a lot closer for my family than the hospital. She looks better, but is feeling as frustrated as ever. It is going to take a lot of time before her knees are mended but at least she is not in the hospital now. I'm not used to seeing my Grandma look frail because she is such an independent and fiery character. Normally we speak to each other just before I go to bed and I'm finding it difficult that I can't speak to her like that at the moment.

This week is going to be pretty manic for me. We have two of the webcasts this week and then my German students arrive on Friday. I'll be so glad when these two projects are completed, it's half term and the new bathroom is completed.

Ok, that's enough procrastinating. Back to the old grindstone.


Caroline M said...

Don't even mention half term. From a parent's perspective, term has only just started.

maramcp said...

Looking good E!
I have been thinking of you and yours. Take care of yourself. Sending love.