Saturday, 31 May 2008


I have had a great holiday from work. I had my stress thinking about the pupils' grades, but I think I am alright about that now. I've done the maths and they can still get the good grades they deserve.

I have an unwritten rule that I am only allowed to spin at weekends and holidays because it takes away from your knitting time and you need to do it for longer periods to get it even. Doing half an hour here, half an hour there after work is not ideal and that's better for knitting.

I am busy knitting with the Merino Bamboo and Soya and I am so pleased with the colours. I really want to knit these in stripes so I need to learn Navajo plying. I've had a brief go with Caroline and I've looked at some videos on youtube, but it isn't happening yet. I've spun a load of the pink on its own for the cuffs, heel and toes and the rest will be in stripes of different sizes and different combinations. I think they will look great; I just need to learn the technique now.


Caroline M said...

You CAN spin for a half an hour at a time, you get a card and wrap a length of what you're aiming for around it, write on it which whorl you were using and then when you sit down you've something to compare against. It does eat your knitting time though, I find that my knitting time is in the evening when there's something on the tv and spinning is for when the light is good enough to see what you're doing.

Pretty colours, ideal for stripes. If you don't work it out for yourself I'll show you how I do the loopy thing.

daintyknittingsticks said...

I do like the new layout!!

maramcp said...

I am happy to know that there are smart people out there spinning yarn but it is too much for me to contemplate right now. Your stripy bobbin is very striking.