Saturday, 31 May 2008

Promises, promises

Today I had a nice afternoon with Lucy. I met Treacle, the cutest rabbit ever and we went to the markets together. Inevitably Lucy and I started discussing stash and knitting projects and we both quickly realised we had too much yarn and too many unfinished projects. We have promised to complete a number of projects each before we buy any more yarn.

My promised projects are:

Rowan's Tulip cardigan

Rowan's Twisted cardigan from the Studio

Colinette's Camomile throw

I really want to complete these projects because I have all the yarn and these are the projects taking up most room in the stash.

I am knitting far too many socks and as much as I love them, there is more to knitting and I have just had a great sense of achievement with the cardigan. I am also promising too many knitted socks to other people and this has to stop. I've got to start knitting for myself so watch this space a wardrobe may appear.


daintyknittingsticks said...

I shall be keeping my eye on you!! Good luck!!

Caroline M said...

So you're NOT going to Woolfest then? If you go you will buy something other than spinny stuff unless you are amazingly well controlled.

maramcp said...

I still think you are amazing for knitting the twisted jumper in what looks like cobwebs - makes me feel dizzy! Your socks are always super, and you should do more things for you - you deserve them.