Monday, 1 October 2007

Knitting at Mara's

Yesterday I had a great time 'round at Mara's. The usual knitting suspects met at her house and knitted merrily away. I made good progress with my sock and had a good nosey at what everyone else was knitting.

I am wondering whether other people's obsessions are contagious. Whatever Caroline is up to, I want to do as well. She uses up leftover sock yarn for cuffs, toes and heels and now I have started to do this. Caroline does toe-up socks, so now I do toe-up socks. Caroline weighs her leftover yarn so she can make new socks from odds and ends and because she kindly brought her accurate scales to the meet, I did the same. There's something gone weird with the photo, but these scales are gorgeous and mightily accurate. Guess what I've asked for Christmas? I've been looking on ebay because I want to be able to weigh my own yarn to 0.1g as well. I hope that Caroline's eye for colour is also contagious.

Kate and Caroline were busy spinning for an hour or so but I resisted temptation to get involved with that because if it is contagious, and I fear it may be, I might end up purchasing a spinning wheel and that's not as easy to hide as yarn.

Lorainne brought some of her gorgeous yarn for our perusal. Lorainne has beautiful yarns and everyone went a bit crazy when we opened the boxes.

I am told this is the tip of the iceberg and I did well to resist the many temptations. I chose some Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn in Sweetie. I am pleased with these because I've only ever seen them on American blogs before.

Saddo sock yarn is now dry and everyone admired it. I saw Wheezy's sock yarn and it is pretty. She and Holly did a great job! I think I'm an expert even though I've only dyed three skeins.

Before I finish I'd like to thank Mara for hosting us all. The buns were fantastic and everyone had a good time. I'm glad that she managed to get out of the kitchen and join us.


Caroline M said...

I cleaned the toilet this afternoon (seven year olds aren't that accurate). It's just at the top of the stairs, pop around any time you feel the urge.

Some spinning wheels fold and will go under the bed and you can justify them by saying that you'll spend less on yarn. It's not entirely true but it sounds good.

maramcp said...

I am glad you had a good time on Sunday, and I did too, once I had escaped from the kitchen. Still haven't replaced the faulty handle on the kitchen door, as I have wasted a day waiting in for DHL to not deliver a parcel...

Badger said...

You need to at least try the wheel next time, nobody's saying you have to buy one (yet)