Sunday, 7 October 2007


I didn't feel too well yesterday so I stayed in the house all day, stayed in bed for much of it and generally lazed about. I think I'm just really tired at the moment. I got a lot of knitting done once I'd decided which yarn to cast on. This is one of my original two yarns and I've called it Bilberry because the reds, blues, purples and greens are all the colours you can find on Bilberry bushes in these here parts. I've combined it with some plain Opal sock yarn I have left over because I think it compliments the colours and is a way of getting rid of some of the large leftover pile. I'm hoping that this will make the Bilberry sock yarn go further in a different pair of socks. These socks are for one of my Aunties because I think they are more feminine than masculine despite the green and blue.

It took me a long time to dissuade myself from winding the 'Saddo' (see last Saturday's post for a photo) sock yarn and casting on with it because it is unquestionable my favourite self-dyed sock yarn to date. But I thought I would hurt the feelings of 'Bilberry' by making it wait again to be cast on. As it is, I'm loving knitting with this because the colours are really good and nicely variegated.

It was lovely knitting last night. Grandad came for his tea and I cooked a lamb casserole with lots of vegetables that Ezzie had brought from the garden and it was gorgeous! That put everyone in a good mood. For pudding we ate our only melon from the allotment this year, and it was so sweet and juicy. I didn't want to eat the last piece because I knew it would be a year before we would eat another. We watched 'Strictly Come Dancing' and I decided that I'm going to fall in love with John Barnes this series, though Ezzie's heart still belongs to Lilia. It was dark outside but we had the radiators on and were lovely and warm. Admittedly sitting on the sofa bed all night wasn't great, but in two weeks the new suite is here and I cannot wait. Granby was snuggled up to us and it felt as if we didn't have a care in the world. I felt smug because England had beaten Australia again and I watched France beat the All Blacks and felt relief that we wouldn't have to meet that lot in the semis. I think the day of idling, watching tv and knitting did me a lot of good.


Anonymous said...

Hope your lurg goes soon. It's doing a snail's pace from me to you at the minute. Once again, nice floor - look forward to the new settee!

jillm said...

What a perfect day that sounds. I felt quite relaxed after reading that!

maramcp said...

I hope you are feeling much better soon. Bilberry is lovely. What a great sounding day you had yesterday!