Friday, 2 January 2009


I didn't stay up to see in the New Year. Instead I went to bed at a reasonable hour and hoped that the fireworks wouldn't wake me. They didn't and I had a great night's sleep. I've not been feeling well over recent days so rest was most welcome. Today I've made the fatal mistake of having an afternoon nap, so now I cannot get to sleep. When I can't sleep, I usually blog so that's why I'm here now.

I'm hoping that 2009 is a better year than the one we've just said goodbye to. I'm hoping that I achieve all the things I want to at work, make progress with Chinese and enjoy a couple of nice holidays. They're not impossible desires, so let's hope they happen.

I've made only one resolution, and that is to knit a different sock each month. I reckon I've knitted over sixty socks during the last couple of years and about half a dozen of them have been a patterned sock. I've done some Monkeys, Jaywalkers and recently a Zigzag sock. That's not too impressive, especially when you consider the many different sock patterns out there. I've got two sock books myself, so there's little excuse really. Afterall, they do say variety is the spice of life.

With this in mind I have started a different sock. I've only done the leg part in the pattern, but I think it still looks nice. I've taken the lace pattern from Paula McKeever's Cafe au lait mitts and transferred it to these socks. The pattern is a free Ravelry download and it's nice to make use of all that stuff on the net.

These socks were originally intended for a colleague's wife, but my friend Di was around today and she fell in love with them, so they immediately changed allegiances and will soon be her property and on their way to Australia when she returns there shortly. Why she wants wool socks when it's abotu 40 degrees out there, I'll never know, but she became quickly smitten so I asked no questions. The yarns are some I bought earlier this week at the Wool Baa. The cuff, heel and toe are in Regia 4 ply. It's a burgundy colour. I'm afraid the ball band has already disappeared. The main part of the sock is Regia Stretch Color in colour way Toronto 121. Caroline was at The 'Baa and helped me choose the colours. I think they work really well together.

Tomorrow I will finally send my presents off to Germany. With the horrendous month that was December, I missed the last post date for Europe so postponed sending things until now. I will also be sending my Grandma her first pair of socks from me.

I've long since wanted to knit her some socks, but she has always declined the gift. I think she thinks other people come first on the knitting list. However, recently she asked to borrow some of my knitted socks for bed because her feet have been rather cold. She saw one of these the other day and was pleased so I know they are going to get some wear. The yarn is some Knitbird bought me last year. I forget the type of yarn and dyelot. I'm pretty sure it is Natural Dye Studio and it was lovely to knit with.

When these socks are finished, I'll be knitting yet more socks. A few people in my family are overdue some socks, though I think I need to find some time to knit myself some as well. I've not had any new socks for a while so maybe in 2009 there will be some selfish sock knitting.

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Caroline M said...

They do have winters down under so it's not flip flop weather all year around. The two colours do look good together don't they?