Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What? Finished projects?

Two finished projects are here to show off today. Recently I've felt that I never complete knitting so I'm proud to reveal two finished gifts.

The first is the Wendy Happy 4 ply yarn with bamboo. Last time these socks appeared, the second one was a work in progress. Here they are now being worn by myself.

The non-identicalness does bother me sometimes, but I don't think it will bother the recipient. At least they are not remotely identical, though they did start out life as identical on the leg part.

The next garment will be a Christmas present for my mum. It's a hat made from the yarn I carded at Caroline's with alpaca, merino and nylon. I had hoped the hat would be for me as these are very much my colours. Unfortunately I've messed up on the tension and my mum has a larger head than me. I know she will love it and will be good for when she's walking the greyhound.

The next project isn't finished, but has certainly come a lot closer to being so. This is the second sleeve of the Rowan twisted jumper, Portia. This is the last bit of knitting and then it's the dreaded sewing up. I keep reminding myself that I made great progress after completing a cardigan in the summer. I want to wear it this winter so I am going to have to get a move on. I think it should be completed within a fortnight. That is achievable. If you see me knitting anything other than this, please take the needles from my hands.

The Brioche throw will have to take a back seat for a while. I am going to a knit a couple of Christmas gifts after the jumper is finished, but only for appreciative recipients. I think Brioche will be a nice new year project.

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Caroline M said...

You could make another hat, I imagine that I still have some of all the colours that you used before. It won't be exactly the same of course but that's the beauty of handspun.

The jumper wouldn't be the same held together with safety pins would it?