Thursday, 6 December 2007

I can't sleep

I went to bed about an hour ago and realised very quickly I was having "one of those nights" where despite being tired the last thing I can do is sleep. I've not had one of these for a while but I know the signs early on and usually the best thing to do is get up and do something.

I'm feeling anxious about a couple of things at work and it's this which is keeping me awake. I haven't done anything wrong, but a recent decision at work has benefitted me but is going to upset others. I feel really guilty about it all and I'm expecting some hostility tomorrow. I'm also worried about next year's exchange because I haven't managed to fill the trip and I have to send the Germans the details on Friday and I don't want to run a half full trip. I have two days to generate more interest and get the deposits in. I know the exchange, like anything, ebbs and flows, but I've really promoted it and the interest has been disappointing.

Anyway, to counteract all this negativity and wondering in my head I decided to get up and look at the stash. Last Friday we had Knit Club here and I raided the stash and I was appalled at the state it's in and the number of "forgotten" yarns and projects I have. I have some lovely yarns and I cannot wait to start knitting some gorgeous socks for myself again. Lucy bought me a lovely skein of Natural Dye Studio sock yarn in pinks, blues, greens and purples and I cannot wait to get it on the needles. Thank you Lucy! The rummage didn't last long, because I quickly felt overwhelmed and remember "sorting out the stash" is a New Year's Resolution and cannot officially start until January.

I have finished the Jaywalker socks this evening, so I have only three more pairs of Christmas socks to go. Will I make the deadline? The next three socks are going to be plain old knit, knit and more knit, no pattern, just lots of stocking stitch. As lovely as the Jaywalkers are, I had to knit them on 76 stitches, which is 16 more than I usually knit. I'll post some photos next time and you will be impressed by the small amount of yarn left from these socks. I didn't waste any of the yarn. They do seem to have taken longer and being separated over my long weekend didn't help. Incidentally, I hadn't left them at work, but in the car of a neighbour, so they were only ever 200 metres from my house and not the 14 miles I originally thought.


Anonymous said...

1. The work situation. If you have been promoted for instance. In what way should you feel guilty? If you have worked hard, you deserve rewards. Accept what is coming to you and be proud of it. If you are getting something that you don't deserve and feel guilty about accepting something that shouldn't really be yours, say how you feel and get it off your chest and shoulders. I think it will be the first instance though, so be greatful and stuff the rest.

2. School exchange. You have done your best to promote the trip. You can do no more. If you can take half a bus, then do so. If you can't then cancel. End of story. I know you must have put a lot of work into organising it, but if people haven't got the money to pay for the trip, or the kids can't go for any other reason, there is nothing more you can do about it. As in item 1., you have shown your worth and your colleagues/managers know your capabilities. They know you have done your best. Accept the outcome.

3. Needles left in a neighbour's car??!!?? This is something that I can remind you of for the rest of your life. Say no more.......

McKnitty said...

Loving parts one and two. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Part three? Might just delete that comment!

jillm said...

Just read this McK. Hope you're feeling better this week. Wheezy is spot on...on all three counts...!