Sunday, 22 July 2007

Back in the land of blogging

I got back from Germany today and I am glad to report that all 27 children returned safe and well and had a great time. I had a great time and ate very well, but it's nice to be back home. The school trip to Germany is actually an exchange and Ezzie and I stayed with Klaus-Peter and Ursula, who are lovely, but it is so strange because for a week we don't have a key, don't drive, don't cook, don't watch tv and are busy every waking hour. We have travelled miles and walked miles and it has been nice doing nothing but knitting this evening.

I managed to complete Rachael's second sock on the coach back from Heathrow, but I didn't get as much knitting done as I anticipated. I just haven't had the time. I managed all my knitting on coaches and trains; there was no time in the evening because we were dining out here, there and everywhere.

I had a look in a couple of yarn shops for goodies, but they were rather dull and there was nothing there that I couldn't have got in the UK. On the knitting and yarn front, it wasn't great, but apart from that Germany was fantastic.

This evening we have been to see Grandad in the hospital and pick up Granby from Ezzie's Mum. Grandad seems a lot better, which was a relief, and Granby seemed pleased to see us. He's been fine at Lynn's and has coped admirably with Pippa (her dog), but he seems glad to be back home and is already the Top Cat again. I've spent a couple of hours knitting Brioche and I'm back into the swing of that. That has to be finished these holidays.

I have had word from Jill at the Wool Baa that the Giotto Gaugin yarn I ordered has arrived, which is great news as I want to make the Camomile throw. I am also informed that her Jitterbug sock yarn has also arrived, so it's really no bad thing that I didn't get anything in Germany. There is a Sheffield Forum meeting on Wednesday, which I will be attending and I'm going to buy some plain sock yarn because I want to dye it with Shona, who is coming tomorrow. Martina, one of my friends in Germany, has a daughter, Sophie, the same age and I thought I would knit them the same socks and it would be nice if Shona were involved in choosing (and dyeing) the socks. It's a brave thing to do, and I know there are plenty of beautiful yarns out there, but I like to faff in the school holidays and this is a perfect excuse! It seems last week was not too great with knitting, but this coming week is going to be awash (no pun intended for the floods) with yarn, knitting and faffing.

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daintyknittingsticks said...

Glad to hear you had a good time!

If you need any help with the sock yarn dying just ask - I've dyed 4 skeins this week and have a few more to do. Please please wear rubber gloves..I didn't and now look a bit speshul.